My New Messenger Bag

From a long time now I was planning to buy a messenger bag for my dslr camera. To carry my dslr and an extra lens for a daily walk or for a party or for a day trip. My shoulder bag is huge and was bit uncomfortable for carrying on a day trip or for a small get together or parties so was planing to buy a messenger bar which is small, thin, padded and should at least carry one extra lens and accessories. So happen to go to M.G. Road for a casual walk and visited the G. K Vale store there. They don’t have much brands and varieties there. They got only this Tamrac one which is within my budget limits. At first look I was bit reluctant to buy it, but I was desperate to get a shoulder bag so finally bought it. After coming home and putting the lens and the body, I felt that it is sufficient enough for me to carry a dslr and an extra lens.



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