Day {3/50} Sunday spicy menu

Sunday as the family is away its cooking time so Danbo and Jr. Danbo helped in getting the lunch ready. Danbo decided that we shall cook dal curry and Jr.Danbo was confused how many chilies to use. Finally they have completed the curry and it neither bad nor good, its just OK.

Danbo should seriously take up some cooking classes. 🙂

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Day {2/50} ebook-reading

Danbo reading some ebooks.

There are couple of things I am hoping to learn from this project 1) I want to use my camera a lot by taking lot of pictures 2) Stick to a routine – one hour take the picture, edit, and post. 3) Improve my skills ( I am still learning) 4) Practice tricks and learn new things.

Most importantly immediate things that I need to learn are workflow and organizing the photos, any tips are greatly welcome.

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