Macro – it’s a different world

Tried couple of techniques like Macro photography with a reverse lens & Macro photography with a closeup filters


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#8/52 – Connected Car

#8/52 – 52 Week – Connected Car.


#8/52 - Connected Car #8/52 - Connected Car

#8/52 - Connected Car


#7/52 – Activity Tracker

#7/52 – 52 Week – Activity Tracker.
#7/52 - Activity Tracker #7/52 - Activity Tracker

#7/52 - Activity Tracker #7/52 - Activity Tracker

#7/52 - Activity Tracker #7/52 - Activity Tracker

#7/52 - Activity Tracker #7/52 - Activity Tracker

#7/52 - Activity Tracker


Kids Were Here { September 2014 }

Couple of months back I stumbled on a blog Kids were here which is about a group of photographers documenting the funny and naughty things kids do. After looking at the photos even I wanted to do it – why not? Everyone wants to capture the funny things kids do and document the memories that they have done. So here is the first post in that category. Enjoy 🙂

P.S. I encourage you to visit the blog Kids were here for starting and documenting around a nice concept and give due credit.








KWH {Sep}



Kids were here

Laptop getting a repair

It was serving my purpose from past 7 years until recently I dropped it from my hand while holding my kid in another hand. The wifi switch broke and it stopped working. Well need to be careful with things when kids are around. All of a sudden he started jumping on me when I lost control of the laptop and slipped and fell down. It was a Sony-Vaio with a good configuration when I bought it but became outdated and became very slow with only 2GB ram on board, dvd drive stopped working long back and unable to get the latest drivers for it. I love Ubuntu so I installed Ubuntu and made it dual boot with Windows.

Luckily my wife knows how to repair things and she repaired the wifi switch which was broken. I can’t use the laptop for heavy applications, just for browsing and for other small applications, so I was not able to edit my photos properly. Well I am not very good at editing the photos, but basic editing I can do with it. It seriously requires an upgrade or need to install more ram. With technology advancing so fast devices are getting outdated very quickly and spending around 50k for a laptop for every 8-10 years makes me think twice before taking that decision.



DSC_1945The broken audio pin







50mm is back

My 50mm is back. When I bought my 35mm f/1.8G I’ve given my 50mm to my sister she liked it a lot. She had D3100 and the 50mm will not auto focus on it so she has to go for the manual focus and as she is still learning and getting used to the camera she is finding it difficult to use. Finally I’ve exchanged my 35mm with 50mm. Both lenses are very good, they produce very sharp and very good bokeh but the real advantage is in closed spaces with the 35mm.


Photos for Charity book

Some time back in 2011 I had seen a post in Google+ to share photos for creating a  photo book as a charity fundraiser, so I picked some of my best photos and shared with them. Below are the photos which I had shared for the charity photo book I don’t know if any of them have been included or not. Here is the link for the actual post



Virupaksha Temple ~ Hampi


Durga Temple ~ Aihole
Durga Temple ~ Aihole
Festival of Lights
Indian Bride
Colors of Holi